I just placed my order, now what?

After your order has been confirmed, a customer service agent will reach out to you via your preferred method of contact, and schedule a run that works around your schedule. We offer very flexible times in order to best suit our customers.

What is a "Pilot"?

Piloting is where a designated Partner is given your Battle.net account credentials and completes the purchased service for you on your account. This is especially useful for certain PvP services, Azerite farming, and for individuals who have time sensitive schedules.

What is a "Partner"?

Black Label Partners are the individuals we entrust the completion of your order with. They are handpicked, top of the line players that have to pass a rigorous application process to be considered capable of providing a flawless experience for our customers. Partners are to keep the highest of standards regarding politeness, communication, and timeliness when fulfilling your order. If your experience with any of our Partners is anything but excellent, please email me personally: masonm@blacklabelboosting.com

How can I trust you with my account?

Black Label Partners have only your best interest in mind, in all circumstances our services are performed in such a way that cannot be detected. As we strive for perfection, in the event that any penalty is applied to your account due to our services, we will issue a full refund of your order.

What is "Loot Sharing"?

With the release of Battle for Azeroth, Blizzard removed Master Loot as a looting option. Due to this change, every group is now forced to use Personal Loot. Loot Sharing is when we invite players of the same gear type to your run to increase the amount of loot you get.

Which regions are these services available for?

Currently we only offer services on NA realms, expansion to the EU realms is planned but not available at this time.

What is Black Label Boosting?

Black Label Boosting is a community of some of the most reliable players in the game. While we offer a large range of services, a majority of our players have spent years working to master their game, and are capable of boosting through multiple different types of content, ranging from PvP to Mythic Raids.

What makes you special?

Unlike most boosting sites, our goal is to make sure that no matter what at the end of the day our customer is happy. We don't offer you the bare minimum and that's it, we go out of our way to make sure that the run was the best that it possibly could be. Our community is very friendly, and we're here to make sure that at the end of the day you leave with a smile.