Who is Black Label Boosting?

Black Label is a group of players that got together to create something amazing. Founded in 2018, Black Label was created by some of the best players World of Warcraft has to offer looking to help others along the path. Many of our players have been playing for years on end, and spent countless hours mastering their craft. We believe that there's no better way to improve in a game than to play with some of the best, and see things in a different light. Many of our players have reached the top in not only PvE, but also PvP content, achieving Rank 1 Gladiator titles, as well as Hall of Fame titles.


Why spend the time boosting?

The gaming community is growing at an incredible rate, and while the players at Black Label have spent years mastering their craft, there are many players who don't have the time to reach a level of play that we've achieved. There's a lot of time consuming content in World of Warcraft, such as World Quests, Reputation grinds, and Island Expeditions. Many of players have careers that they need to focus on, and a family that they love spending time with. We find joy in giving these players an opportunity to participate in cutting edge content.


Our Vision

Our goal is to ensure that in the end of the day our customers are happy. While we believe the services that we provide are top of the line, we're always looking to improve. Unlike many other boosting services, we make sure that our customer always ends the day with a smile. We will never provide a customer with the bare minimum of a product, and will always attempt to go above and beyond, providing the absolute most during your runs. Without our customers we are nothing, so our intent is that no customer ever leaves with a negative thought.


The Future

The immediate future is simple, our goal is to become the most reputable World of Warcraft boosting service. We plan on expanding to European realms by the end of Summer 2019, and ensuring that we can provide our services to players all around the world.

Over time we'll look to improve our accessibility. It's important to make sure that all of our services are well explained, and that our website is easy to navigate.

While our primary focus is World of Warcraft, we're always looking to expand. There's new games being released every single day, and you never know what game could be the next best. That being said, we plan on expanding into many games in the future.